Database Czech companies / firms. Includes information on of all subject registered in Czech Republic.

Database Czech companies / firms coming - out every month in the current publication. Monthly recapturing c. 500 000 changes in basic datums firms. Includes information on 2 600 000 subject. Selection firms can be doing according to c. 80 criteria. Special - interest files firms it is possible export in sizes XLS, DBF, TXT. Software allows option from four languages: Czech, Slovak, English and in German.

czech company

The database of companies based in two variants:

Variant 1
business and contact information.

Variant 2
As Variant 1 +
- Financial information on companies, accounts
- Businesses - owners of the property. List of buildings and parcels that are owned by companies
- Comprehensive credit rating (probability of default)
- Payment of Conduct

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